Mulch Varieties

Premium Mulch / Triple Ground ***
Dark, rich brown color. Protects plants. Conserves moisture. Our best seller.
Classic Mulch / Double Ground ***
Lighter brown. Breaks down slowly. Our most economical mulch.
Shredded Aged Mulch ***
Almost identical to our Southern Hardwood Bark at a fraction of the cost.
Fine Grind / Nature’s Blend ***
Spreads evenly. Just the right particle size. Closest to the bed of a forest floor.
Southern Hardwood Bark Mulch
Our best mulch. Resists fading. Long lasting. Great product to highlight new plantings.
Cedar Grind
Light golden blond color. Finely shredded. Acts as a natural insect repellent.
Decorative Dyed Mulch***

Decorative Dyed Mulch (Red, Black,Cherry Brown Decorative Dyed Mulch, and Dark Chocolate Brown)
Retains its color. Long lasting. Looks natural. Environmentally safe.

Jobsite Woodchips
Fresh material. Used to prevent compaction around mature trees at construction sites. Also for nature paths, “healing in” nursery stock and dog runs.
Safe T Mat Certified Playground Surfacing ***
A kids’ carpet! Soft and safe. American Safety for Testing Materials (ASTM) Engineered Wood Fiber.
Pine Fines
Just the right pH for evergreens.
Leaf Mulch
Just like the floor of a forest! Great for gardens! Improves soil structure. Stimulates beneficial soil fungi.
Screened Topsoil
Just plain, good black dirt!
Planting Bed Mix
A balanced mixture of organics used to heighten development for new plantings.
Screened Compost
Adds nutrients to the soil. Improves pH. Loosens clay soils. Perfect for vegtable gardens.
Enhanced Mushroom Compost
Nature’s helper and conditioner. Ideal for plants.
Additional Products
Peat Moss (3.8 cubic ft. bags)
Black Beauty Grass Seed (25 & 50 lb bags)
Portland Cement (92lb bag)

Grade 6 CA11 Gravel
Grade 9 CA6 Gravel
Torpedo Sand
Limestone Screening
Screened Concrete
River Rock
Mason Sand
Incoming Materials
Wood Chips
Dirt/Clay Mix
Broken Concrete

*** Products manufactured by The Mulch Center