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The Mulch Center offers bulk mulch, soil, compost, gravel and sand, as well as variety of bagged products. Bulk mulch delivery and other bulk product delivery is available throughout the Chicago area, and all products can be picked up from Mulch Center locations in Deerfield, Volo, and Lake Bluff.

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Organic Plant Material Makes Fertile Earth

The ground below is a unique mixture of organisms, all working together to create a balance within a nutrient rich environment. Our Mulch varieties are refined from organic plant materials that can help foster essential roots and capture nutrients. We’re deeply involved in cultivating plant life from its cycle of green waste, while helping to reduce environmental impact through our methods of proper green recycling.

All products manufactured by The Mulch Center are made from native plants, not demolition materials, pallets or pressure treated lumber which may contain carcinogens.

The Benefits of Mulch

Mulch Adds Nutrients to Soil

Add nutrients to the soil

Mulch Retains Moisture

Retains moisture

Mulch Adds Beauty to you Landscape

Adds beauty to your landscape

Mulch Suppresses Weed Growth

Suppresses weed growth

Mulch Prevents Soil Compaction

Prevents soil compaction

Mulch Insulates Soil

Insulates soil from harsh conditions

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