About The Mulch Center

The Mulch Center is a leading manufacturer and provider of premium landscaping materials and soil products in the Greater Chicago Area. We have several convenient locations for delivery and pickup offering a large selection of mulch, soils and aggregates.

We are passionate for the reclaim and recycle of organics. Our business model is simple–we recycle garden and landscape by-products, transforming them into viable and sustainable organic materials. Our products are then used to beautify and enhance new projects, while also helping to fortify soil structure and supplying vital nutrients to help your plants thrive.

The Mulch Center accepts raw materials from tree care companies, landscape contractors and local municipalities. These raw materials provide the basis for our high quality organic products.

The Mulch Center has been serving residents and businesses throughout the Chicago area for over 18 years. With our outstanding customer service, we continue to strive towards meeting our customers’ needs by advocating proper green disposal and focusing on reducing overall environmental impact by cultivating plant life from its cycle of green waste.