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Spring Grove Mulch & Mulch Delivery

Home to The Chain O’Lakes, Spring Grove deserves nothing but the highest quality, environmentally friendly landscaping products. We gladly offer mulch delivery throughout Spring Grove and the surrounding area.

About The Mulch Center

The Mulch Center is a leading manufacturer and vendor of premium, organic landscaping materials including bulk mulch, bulk compost, bulk soil, bulk gravel and more. We also offer delivery of all bulk landscaping materials throughout the Chicago area, including Spring Grove.

Whether commercial or residential, our model is clear: meet customer needs by salvaging from the earth what can be re-purposed into sustainable, viable, organic materials. We have served as the environmentally responsible bulk compost, soil, gravel and mulch delivery choice of the North and Northwest communities of Greater Chicago, Illinois for over 18 years. Throughout this time, we have been able to both reduce buildup in landfills and reintroduce vitality back into plant species.

Our Production Process

To achieve environmentally sound production, The Mulch Center uses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and techniques to create only the highest quality landscape & playground mulch, soil, compost, gravel, and soil. All our manufactured products are locally sourced- never containing construction debris, pallets, pressure-treated lumber, or any other materials potentially containing arsenic and/or other carcinogens.

The Mulch Center accepts raw materials from tree care companies, landscape contractors and local municipalities.

About Our Products

No matter what your landscaping project may be, our wide variety of natural products can meet your needs. Available in bulk and for delivery, we aim to help both residential and commercial mulch customers get exactly the results they are looking for.

Our product line includes Premium Triple Ground Mulch which is perfect for protecting plants and retaining moisture in the soil. We also offer ASTM Certified Safe-T-Mat Playground Mulch which utilizes soft wood fibers for creating a safe environment for children to play in. If enriching a piece of your landscape is something you want to do, we recommend our Planting Bed Mix which is a mix of our screened topsoil, screened compost, and leaf mulch.

These are just a few examples of products we have developed to serve homeowners, contractors and municipalities.

The breadth of our natural products includes more than just bulk mulch, soil and compost. Browse our selection of aggregates (sand & gravel) and bagged products. And don’t forget to check out our popular bagged peat moss and grass seed.

Delivery and Pickup

The Mulch Center is nearby and ready to serve you, with three convenient pickup locations and hundreds of suburbs eligible for delivery throughout the Chicago area.

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